We are here to present you the ultimate luxurious plate from the combination of "Food Producers", "Ingredients", and "Techniques".

  • A full plate of gems - Indulge your taste buds
    with our chefs' freshly made pasta.

    We prepared "Today's Pasta" along with our evergreen pasta selection.
    It is a tailored and limited menu, curated with the freshest and handpicked daily ingredients.

  • Elevate your dining experience with,
    our finest luxury hospitality.

    You can dine at the stylish center-counter seats, or the luxury sofa seats,
    elevate your moments with your important ones.


A three-minute walk from JR Omiya Station East Exit.
A three-minute walk from TOBU Noda Line (Tobu Urban Park Line) Omiya Station East Exit.
Along the street of Omiya Minami-Ginza